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School is a source of ethics and morals ingrained in every individual, every parent dreams to provide the best school for their child where they can learn, experience and grow. School holds the most important place in an individual's life as it shapes the personality of a person through preaching social values, education and activities that helps a child in various walks of his/her life. 'The School Salahkar' is an online platform where parents can explore the numerous options for the best schools for their child. Our team of experts helps you in providing the necessary information about the schools and will guide you with certain attributes that a school should possess. Based on these pointers you can surely be able to find the suitable option for your child and can opt for the school of your choice. 

Services Offered to Parents

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Providing necessary information about schools

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Update about upcoming schools and their amenities

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Individual counselling session for concerned or first- time parents

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Counselling for early childhood care and information about playschool

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School Salahkar will help parents with special needs and learning disabilities to find good occupational therapist,  speech therapist, and special educators

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