Nursery Admission

‘Nursery Admission in the best school is a task for Parents in India. Most of our cities have a specific pattern of taking admission in the nursery class. Sometimes it’s a lottery system, at times it’s point-based and most common is the interaction with the Principal and Coordinators. Many parents consider admission to a good school is not about the child, it's about the parents, their profile, and the interview with the Principal. Hence, Parents take a lot of effort to get the right information about the school from different sources. They visit different schools wherever possible (as many renowned schools don’t allow visits before admission). It takes a lot of preparation and time both for parents and their children.

As a parent of young children, one must keep track of the application dates, arrange all the necessary documents that need to go with the registration form. And that’s not all. You also need to apply to multiple schools to ensure your children have a higher chance of securing admission into the best school in the vicinity.

Apart from the documentation, you must be focused on how to present yourself and your child before the school management. After all, we mostly believe in “The first impression is the last impression

As a part of the school admission process for many schools, I can share few points that surely will help you to prepare during this process-

  • Keep a check on the website and social media posts of the schools you want to apply for.

  • Many schools started declaring Nursery Admission as early as June/July.

  • Check the requirement and arrange all documents (Don’t ask the school to give you print when going for interaction)

  • Be punctual on your interaction day.

  • Be in Formal/Semi Formalwear, same for your child.

  • If your child is shy and has never been to playschool then do enroll him/her in a nearby playschool for a month or two so that he gets accustomed to school culture and also opens up before strangers.

  • Sometimes children become rigid and stubborn and take time to open up. Sometimes they cry or simply are not in a mood to reply. Don’t push your child to answer. Give them some time to settle and make them comfortable.

  • Do not reply on behalf of your child.

  • Carry some videos of coloring, drawing, or free play activities of your child. In case he/she is not responding in front of teachers you can always tell how the child behaves in a familiar environment by showing them the videos.

  • Parents at times hide a few important information about their child’s behavior, physical problems, or personal family issues. These bring complications in later stages hence would suggest disclosing them to the Principal during the interaction.

  • Prepare your child with some basic etiquettes. Use more of the phrases: Please, Thank you, and Sorry in sentences. Always greet the child by saying Good morning/evening so that he/she becomes familiar with these words.

  • Prepare the child with basic knowledge of colors, animals, fruits, family members, and friends. Don’t overdo it! Don’t teach them to write or start preparing for the nursery curriculum in advance.

  • Work on their fine and gross motor skills at home. Expose them to nature.

  • One important thing ‘Do address your child by his name not the nickname as the child sometimes doesn’t respond to the teachers.

Hope to see all parents carrying a big smile finding the best school for their ward…….All the best!

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