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School Salahkar is a team of experts who came together to create this platform with the thought of giving direction to all the major stakeholders i.e Parents, Schools, and Teachers for the betterment of the education system and overall the child. Our qualified team of associates strives to offer actionable, authentic, and credible information . This will provide ample opportunities for all stakeholders to make an informed decision. Senior consultants are always approachable for guidance. They extend their helping hand prioritizing the needs of all our clients. School authorities can reach us for guidance regarding admission, establishing brand value,self-evaluation, unbiased interpretation of findings, workshops, recruitment, and many more services. Aspiring Teachers who need training and guidance for professional growth, information about the school and their working culture can also reach our team. 

Most of our teammates and associate partners are experienced teachers, administrators, special educators, career counselor, creative strategists, who are passionate about bringing change in the field of education.




We work best when we work together.


Our team is involved with the school communities to meet the expectations and vision of parents who try to manifest the best education for their child. We collaborate with the schools and its teachers providing an assurance of best results.


All stakeholders are critical in the education process.


We believe in honest communication and reviews when it comes to those we serve. The services we deliver with passion and honesty builds trust with our clients and stakeholders as they play a key role for our organization.


Respecting stakeholders requires active listening and the inclusion of all voices. 


Our forte is to achieve the Excellency in our services that we deliver to our precious clients. We seek in building disciplined and professional protocols when it comes to work, so that our customers can entrust the responsibility on us.


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  • For Schools, we provide SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. SMART goals must be achievable and attainable. New or struggling schools will be strategically guided to stretch limited resources to fit ambitious aspirations.

  • Parents will get relevant information about schools that includes the admission process, academic excellence, special amenities, co-scholastic activities, fee structure, reviews, ratings, and more. They can perform a comprehensive analysis of potential Schools that will influence the decision being made. The School Salahkar’s role will be to empower parents to decide, based upon the analysis, the best course of action.

  • Teachers can connect with parents, schools, and educators by engaging in the healthy discussion via discussion forums, writing blogs, or sharing informative links. They can take our services in reviewing and upgrading CVs, attending workshops, joining educators' clubs, or simply by applying for new opportunities.