We are living in a Google age where information is pretty accessible for most of us. But how much can we rely on them? Knowing and trusting information are two different aspects. 

Nowadays it’s very easy to find schools but it becomes a project, if you are looking for the right school for your child. Sometimes parents are misled by information based on so-called popular ratings and attractive offers and misinformed feedback. Sometimes, educational institutes are forced to compromise their core principles and values for the sake of temporary growth. Both parents and schools fall in the vicious circle of compromised attitudes. Is it due to lack of motivation or resources or inability to foresee the future with the right spirit? Wouldn’t it be helpful if there is a team of experts who can explain the pros and cons of each piece of information so that we can process and evaluate them based on our needs? 

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Greetings! The School Salahkar Team wants to understand and bridge the gap between the current reality and the vision. We believe in transparency, commitment and professionalism. These qualities are the result of years of experience, mindfulness and uncompromising attitude for maintaining quality and standards.





The year 2020 has taught us many things which have certainly influenced our thoughts and the way we look at life. It has forced us to desperately modify our lifestyle. This Pandemic year has changed our outlook towards life, relationship, and situations.

COVID has hit almost all strata of society and families both psychologically and financially. We all have done our own adjustments by cutting down our necessities, luxury commodities, etc.